Lessing's Laughter

Modern Language Association (MLA), New York, New York

January 4-8, 2018
Moderator: Mary A Bricker, (Southern Illinois University)
Respondent: Mary Helen Dupree, Georgetown

1. Richard E. Schade,University of Cincinnati: Lessing's Lyric Laughter
2. Edward T. Potter, Mississippi State University: Satire and Pedagogical Laughter in Lessing's Early Comedies
3. Pascale LaFountain, Montclair State University: "'Was haben Sie gegen das Lachen?': Lessing's Laughing Bodies
4. Anne Lagny, École normale supérieure de Lyon: Laughter in Lessing's Nathan


GSA Panels

German Studies Association (GSA), Atlanta, GA

October 5-8, 2017
Moderator: Francien Markx, George Mason University
Respondent: Almut Spalding (Illinois College)

1. Seth Berk (University of Washington): Early-Enlightenment Ideals and the Pedagogical Circumscription of Sexuality in Johann Christoph Gottsched's Atalanta, oder die bezwungene Sprödigkeit (1741)
2. Andrea Speltz (University of Waterloo): Educating the Cosmopolitan Imagination in Wieland's Geschichte des Agathon
3. Mary Bricker (Southern Illinois University): Politicizing Parents on the Enlightenment Stage
The citations are quoted after the Lachmann/Muncker-Edition.
The pictures were kindly provided by the Lessing-Akademie.